Canvas painting is all the RAGE!

Drop-in for independent canvas painting. Minimum purchases start at $20.  There is a $5 studio fee per person, includes the use of acrylic paints, material, painting supplies and finish varnish for your canvas.

Guided canvas painting instruction-reservations are required to schedule a time for a group, a party, a retreat, a team building or corporate event canvas painting sessions.  Each “Season” we offer a variety of canvas painting choices from where you will choose one painting for your group. If you have a particular painting in mind, we can provide a “mock up’ for your event for an additional charge (TBD- Please allow up to 2 weeks in advance for any special orders) *We also provide off-site events for groups of 12 or more. (Travel fees apply)

Call or Email us at 206-257-8182 or [email protected].

Pricing Rates

  • $65 per person- Pricing includes guided instruction, materials, supplies and reserves our private classroom for up to 2.5 hrs. for your group to Paint, Create and Celebrate.
  • The price includes all the materials, paint, and finish work and your choice of canvas painting from a selection of “seasonal” options. We have small, medium and large size canvas options that are included in the price.

You are welcome to bring your own beverages and snacks to accompany classes. A $10 banquet permit is required serve alcoholic beverages to people 21 yrs. and older. We will send you a link to purchase the permit prior to your event.

Cheers to your next event!

Why not join the fun and give it a try! One of our staff members will guide you through the step by step process and help you create an amazing portrait on canvas. You’ll be amazed by how talented you really are! By following each step in layers, you can create a beautiful portrait in just a few hours. Let us teach you how at our next event or schedule a private lesson.

Schedule a private canvas painting class or group class with friends, family, parties and corporate events!  206-257-8182 or email us at [email protected]

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Host a private event

We can also bring canvas painting to your own event. Our Artists will lead your group in painting an amazing piece of “fun art.” Gather your friends, set the time and we will bring all the materials.