Passion Outreach

  • What Is Passion Outreach?

    “Live your best LIFE = Living Intentionally, Feeling Empowered, no matter what your circumstances are!” -Lori Blevins-Schilling

  • Passion Outreach is a Non-Profit Ministry started by Lori Blevins-Schilling with a mission to provide those who have been injured from life-altering events release trapped feelings, rediscover self-compassion, and find their spiritual connection to their soul. Trauma recovery is challenging to navigate on your own!  Lori supports people, from all walks of life, as they reclaim their inner strength, reignite their inner-passion and navigate through unexpected life events.

  • Lori’s Personal Journey

  • After recovering from an almost fatal car accident in 2006, Lori found herself spinning out of control, dealing with a TBI and an array of physical, and emotional challenges.  Unable to reconnect with her mind and body to return to life as a professional educator, Lori and her family founded Heart and Soul Art as Therapy Studio, LLC in 2012, as a space for healing and reconnection and for those who have faced similar life-altering circumstances.

  • Research and Education

  • Lori’s personal healing journey inspired her to research mind-body healing and further her education in depth psychology subconscious work which then led her to seek certifications in RTTⓇ (Rapid Transformational TherapyⓇ) and Hypnosis.

    She now provides Holistic Wellness Education and Hypno-Coaching to support people in understanding the process of healing and the reasons why life-altering events can keep us from moving forward.  RTTⓇ and hypnosis focuses on reframing the injured mindset, rewiring limiting beliefs and restoring the belief that recovery from difficult life experiences is possible. Clients can reconnect, feel empowered, and free themselves from becoming stuck in the past.

  • Reach out if you, or someone you know, would benefit from learning more!

  • For a free 30 min. discovery call to learn more about Holistic Wellness Education and Hypno-Coaching incorporating  RTTⓇ (Rapid Transformational TherapyⓇ),  Contact Lori @ [email protected] or [email protected]

    “Discovering the cause, the root and the reason for limiting beliefs and underlying pain is the key to releasing them and setting them free.”  ~Marisa Peer (Founder of Rapid Transformational TherapyⓇ)

  • Volunteering opportunities

    • We encourage volunteers interested in helping with Holistic Wellness Educational  Workshops, Events and Fundraising to contact us!
  • Donations

  • Donate to our non-profit mission to:

    • Provide memberships, donations and discounts to schools, non-profit groups, kids clubs, special needs groups, community events and elder care facilities.
    • Provide assistance and partial scholarships for kids, teens, adults and the elder community to discover passion and purpose through art by way of classes, camps, workshops and retreats.
    • Provide integrated wellness education to those wanting to refocus their intentions on a positive mindset, and improve their overall health.
    • Be a financial supporter for those who are enduring personal healing challenges, and difficult circumstances that could benefit from receiving educational insights, RTTⓇ and wellness coaching


    Donations are tax deductible. We will provide a tax id. # for tax purposes. Donations over $300 include a family membership for one year to Heart & Soul DIY Art Studio and acknowledgement in our Passion Outreach newsletter.

    Use the link to our DONATE page

    Thank you in advance for your support!